“I would highly recommend One44 for anyone needing support with their business” CASE STUDY: Carley Fountain, Castle Climate Control Ltd

“I would highly recommend One44 for anyone needing support with their business” CASE STUDY: Carley Fountain, Castle Climate Control Ltd

About the Company

Castle Climate Control Ltd is a small family run business specialising in air conditioning and renewable heating installations. Since starting in 2015, we have grown from a husband-and-wife team to a small workforce both in the office and out on site.

The Requirements

We found that despite our best efforts, we had quite a high turnover of staff. We wanted to nurture and grow our workforce but felt we were missing some key tools within our business to do this.

“We also needed to improve our ways of working to make them more efficient, resulting in a happier workforce being able to do their work well.”

We needed to get our business goals and core values figured out, to help us identify the right candidates at interview.

It was also really important to get our processes mapped out to enable our staff to understand their roles and responsibilities, much of our business was stored in our heads, so when our team were faced with challenges, they turned to us for assistance.

Why choose One44?

I posted a plea for help on LinkedIn following another surprise resignation, we knew that we needed some kind of support to make some key changes. One44 came highly recommended from a mutual connection. We set up a call and following that, I knew I would get what I needed.

“I felt Liz very quickly knew what approach we needed to take and had a plan of action.”

The Activity

We have done a lot of work over 6 months, starting from the very beginning.

We looked at

  • our core values
  • business goals
  • understanding our priorities
  • and how to measure goals.

We looked in depth at our company processes and detailed both high level process flow maps and thorough step by step guides, along with training materials and required skills. This has formed our operating model which is now comprehensive and helps our team understand their job roles and give them the tools they need to complete their jobs to the best of their ability.

From that, we were able to identify the roles required within the business and see where we needed to fill any gaps. It also helped us understand the behavioural and technical indicators for each role.

This was really important for us to get right, Liz was very good at asking the questions to really get us to think about what we need for the business.”

Following this, we worked on

  • onboarding
  • ongoing learning and development including a career progression framework
  • and a communication framework, to maintain engagement with our people.

Liz also sat with the team and was able to get feedback from everyone on what was needed to improve the way we work, she built a great rapport with everyone and gained their trust meaning their feedback was honest.

Outcomes and Results

As a result, we now have clear and thorough business processes and consistent onboarding and development plans. It’s given me the confidence to run our business as I now fully understand our goals and core values. We have a thorough catalogue of how we expect tasks to be completed from the very first call through to a complete installation, which means we have more time to spend on running the business.

The Future

I am keen to continue being supported by One44, Liz has a fantastic understanding of our business and business needs but also of me and the way I work. I’m excited that we can still work together on a monthly basis and know she will continue to add value each time we catch up.

“I would highly recommend One44 for anyone needing support with their business, Liz’s understanding of businesses and her ability to help you see things from a different perspective has been what’s helped us achieve so much.”

Not only is she very good at what she does, she also really enjoys it too which shows each and every time you work with her. It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with Liz and can’t thank her enough for getting our business where it needs to be!

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